Google Release Video Series to Bring Your Local Business Online


Marketing is possibly the most important expenditure for any business. Without it, your target market may not at all know about you and your products or why buying from you is preferable to the competition; therefore, your product or service goes unnoticed and unpurchased. Advertising for the small-scale businesses has its challenges which must be overcome for your business to succeed.

Six videos of 30 minutes are published by Google,  which containing advice on bringing your local business online. Google’s Maile said this is the same advice she would give to her ”friends and family” and now they are sharing it with everyone.

In his introduction video, Maile mentioned that it is not necessary having a web site for improving your local business. Maile said, “unlike a decade ago, having a website today is helpful, but it’s certainly not a necessity.” There are many substitutes presented to help you create your online presence including Facebook, Google+, Yelp and so on.

How to Bring Local Business Online

All six videos explain how to create effective business goals, targeting your customers online, explain different techniques to implement your online strategy. While one of the detailed videos is on differentiating oneself, the other is on coming up with a consistent message for customers.

Here are links to all six videos:-

Video #1: About introduction and hot topics (3 minutes 22 seconds)

Video #2: About business value-add and online goal (4 minutes 08 seconds)

Video #3: About finding potential customers (7 minutes 41 seconds)

Videos #4: Explain about implementation and best practices (5 minutes 23 seconds)

Video #5: Demonstrate your business from the competition (5 minutes 09 seconds)

Videos #6: About Building a holistic online identity (4 minutes 51 seconds)


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