Important SEO Tasks in Order of Priority

seo-taskWhat makes things even more difficult is that you can’t just start anywhere and chip away at your work. If you want to see the most success, it’s important to prioritize the SEO tasks correctly. In some worst-case scenarios you actually won’t be able to meet those goals because you started with something advanced and skipped the basics (without even knowing it!) Although there isn’t an exact order to follow, it does help to split up the most common SEO tasks into categories, starting with the highest priority first. Make sure about technical things when you are going to implements these tasks, otherwise you can also hire any digital marketing agency for this work. Continue reading


The Web Designers’ Guide to Photo Selection

Photographic imweb-designages grab our attention and trigger an almost instantaneous response when we encounter them. They are therefore an important part of any website we create. Photos play a significant part in determining our first impression, but they can also tell us what the site is about and can be a huge factor in earning trust.

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Panda 4.1 Update Uncovers Winners and Losers

In Previous Post, I told you about  Panda 4.1 Update, Again Panda Update proves that there is no replacement for quality content. Based on a statement from Google, it is expected that this update will affect 3 to 5 percent of queries.

Search Engine Roundtable ran a test on its own site and believes that it may have experienced a -30 percent decrease in traffic the weekend that Panda 4.1 was released. Below is a chart showing the decline. Continue reading